Introduction to the Game of Life Coaching Process

Truly accepting that life is a divine game is a new perspective on the reality that surrounds us every day, a manner of interpretation of the daily tasks, delights and challenges that we face. An entire new cosmology to help us understand the motives and patterns that we live that will assist us in our path of evolution as a human being and as a spiritual soul.

The Game of Life is and has been all around us since the beginning of time. It is the ultimate reason why we are here, as souls incarnated in a material plane, subject to many laws and rules of the material experience. The understanding of the dynamics of this Game, makes life much easier, accelerates your process of healing and growth towards your final destination – the complete realization of a soul in matter. In order to reach this destination though, there are many missions that we need to fulfill during our many lives, karmic debts that we choose to pay according to these missions and relationship connections that assist us in these accomplishments.

Life itself wants us to realize our true potential and fulfill our missions, so it guides and helps us every single day towards our bigger goal. Even though most of the souls are not ready to complete the game just now, we are all ready to accomplish that which we came to live at this present stage of evolution we are in. If we fail to do that, we return to play this mission once again, endlessly until we have learned all the lessons and gained enough knowledge to then move on to another one. Understanding the Language of Life, how it speaks to us, what lessons it wants us to learn and how it chooses to teach us is what in fact will make this journey less of a mystery and accelerate our path towards ultimate spiritual and human realization.

More evolved civilizations of the past had great knowledge and respect for astrology, the influence that the planets and constellations have on our lives. According to this line of study, each planet has it’s specific qualities – Mars holds the energy of war, discipline, organization, initiation, superation; Mercury holds the energy of the mind, reflection, science, communication, medicine, judgment, study, accomplishment; Saturn hold the energy of debt, tests, teachings, challenges, effort, death; Jupiter holds the energy of gifts, fortune, destiny, good luck, expansion, energy, awakening and so forth. What most people tend to ignore though is what are the energies that are held by the Earth itself. For example, if an Alien living in Mars was to look at his Natal Chart, he would look at the position of his Earth in order to see where love, community, tribe, duality, time, grounding, magic and more was influencing his life. Planet Earth is the ultimate Mastery School of Love. We come to the Earth to live many lives in order to gain enough knowledge and experience to eventually reach the state of pure unconditional love, the vibration of God, the state of Buddha. This is the perfect vibration held by great masters of the human experience in all times.

We are all playing a game all the time, a game that has a language of its own. Understanding these playing conditions brings us to a great acceptance of the processes we go through. The main rule of this game, that is a gift that was given to humanity by the Creator, is free will. The ultimate ability to choose. Choose the life you want to live, choose between good and bad, light and dark. (Duality itself is another law of this game because it is actually a strategy for consciousness raising.) So, we have also been given the choice to be conscious of the Game or not. The more you place your belief on the Game, the more it will reveal itself to you. Because accepting life as a game also means accepting to accomplish your mission and from that moment on, the Game itself begins to support you towards that goal. Learning how to play the Game is learning how to see that which is presented to you and choose that which is right for your path.

It’s not that you haven’t been on your mission’s path if you haven’t been conscious of the Game. Your soul is the driver of the body, the sacred vessel, and all souls want to realize themselves. Ultimately all souls know they are playing a Game. Some can revolt against it, some can choose to just indulge in the pleasures of the material experience, some can forget that a long time ago they made a choice to evolve but most of them do know they are on a mission. And most of the important decisions that shape your life came in fact from the soul. If it’s important for the soul to live a life of disconnection with any kind of spiritual knowledge in order to grow some qualities that come as a result of this atheist experience, then it will guide it’s personality towards a life like that. And that’s ok, each soul has it’s own strategy of evolution. Each experience is equally important for the evolution of consciousness. But still, even a soul that is completely uninterested in any spiritual connection, can still learn to speak the Language of Life because it will help in it’s material mission. Some can interpret this Language as God, others can focus on energy, power of attraction, reality creation, subconscious power, Mother Earth, intuition… The definition of it will come according to your mission and whatever explanation of the Great Mystery you choose to be comfortable with is the one that will be more appropriate to the qualities you have come to develop at the present time.

The Game is played in a beautiful partnership between the soul and the personality. The personality is the one that has only one life, is the name we are given at birth, the Family, the enviorment, the experiences of this particular life. The soul is the eternal flame behind it, it’s the energy that observes the personality and subtily guides it when it is necessary. Just as the belief in the Game strengthens the reality of if, so does the belief on the soul. The more you connect with your soul, the more it will come alive inside of you. You will get to know it and truly help it on its path to evolution, it will guide you according to the limits that it is allowed to.

Depending on the age of your soul, there are less or more possibilities of choices done before you come the material experience. You can choose Family, place of birth, karmic debts you wish to pay, abilities you wish to develop, create a playing strategy before actually beginning the Game. A newer soul will have less choice for there are lessons all souls must begin with, an older soul that has accomplished the basic learnings can than justify it’s lessons of choice for its evolution strategy. Each soul and human in play doesn’t have to go through the exact same steps though because we are all part of one greater collective spirit. In another level, we are one spirit, evolving itself through a fragmented experience. It is much easier to evolve having 7 billion experiences at the same time as separate individuals than it is to evolve as one unique being. This interconnectvity is one of the main facets of the Game, as you begin to be conscious of this, you will see how we help each other in our missions because in fact we are helping ourselves. Reflection, mirrors and sincronicity are one of the pilars of the Language of Life. As a small part of a greater collective, we have a specific role to play that is unique and different from everyone elses, this individuality is actually greatly encouraged by the Game because the more unique your experience, the bigger the learning for the collective. That is why each one will follow it’s specific path guided ultimately by that which is deeply inside itself – the heart and the soul.

The Game is gentle at times and intense at others. Making a choice to evolve is really choosing to live a life of great emotion, adventure, beauty, discovery and sharing. The Game has fases: it begins with more of a flirting with a possibility to see reality in a different way, an opening of the heart to a deeper connection to the planet, to life and to love. When the Game starts to reveal itself, a trust starts to come to surface, an ancient knowledge of how to play it starts to come from the heart, some call it Faith. A deeper calmness results of our realization that we are actually taken care of, it opens us for more opportunity, new ideas, new desires come to you. Truly seeing that life is much more than what is initially offered to the eye also opens you to much more of yourself than you ever allowed yourself to see. Once the Game is deeply rooted within you, some bigger challenges can and must come to you, this develops the Language and you. It’s really like a videogame where after a few fases you have that final big boss moment and just like it after you pass it you evolve to a bigger fase of your development. And once you start to go through life going through these challenges that happen to all of us from the perspective of playing a game, they become fun! And you get so good un learning from them that you don’t have to repeat them anymore so they Always bring you to a place of higher joy and Peace with yourself and others around you. When the next one comes you actually enjoy it!

Welcome to the Game! The Coaching Process.

To play the Game is to understand life from a greater perspective and to understand yourself as deeply as possible because there is no other role to play than your own. But there are a few essential qualities that must be developed by everyone in order to be conscious of the Game and that is where the coaching will help you, to open your vision outwards and inwards and help you gain enough confidence in your game that you can eventually play by yourself for the rest of your life (and lives). Giving the first steps can be confusing and the mistakes are extremely important because they build the knowledge for more difficult stages of the future. So making mistakes is very encouraged in this Game as it is one of the best strategies for learning. The coaching is basically a way to lean on those that ventured by themselves and went through extremely difficult lessons in order to be made conscious of the invisible all around. Having a coach in the beginning can make your process a bit more gentle and easier. A coach that is deeply living the Game as a lifestyle can also access the Language of Life and the Game itself to answer deeper questions that might come from your part. As for the coach itself is a greater learning to play with someone else too. Evolving the consciousness of how the Game speaks to each individual because some things are basic, some are extremely unique.

The coaching is a way of having the support of a more experienced player to begin your conscious play. Once a week we connect for a overview of lifes patterns, recurring signs, self discoveries, relationship connections and start to paint a Picture of a “board” – a understanding of the direction life itself seems to be pointing to you, possibilities of missions, Discovery of uniqueness, hidden talents that come as a result of certain tests. We share more practical information about the Game, the Language as it reveals itself to you. It is an intimate process of deep respect for your unique individuality and how to support a flowering of your greatest version.

There are a few qualities that need to be developed for the Game and the coaching will also assist you in this. They are intuition (ability to trust a deeper part of yourself that knows), neutral self observation (a 10-15 minute silence meditation of thought observation is required), self confidence, courage, spiritual curiosity (your soul will guide you to teachers, retreats, books, healings, people and places from many different lines that have something for you and the coaching will help you understand what the soul wants from this), energy consciousness, a desire to grow, deep gratitude, desire to play the Game, connection with nature and cyclical time (a red moon journal will also be required).

Everyweek we will have one Skype call for a reading of the weeks developments through the perspective of the Game. During the rest of the week we talk through Whatsapp about any relevant signs, people, information that might have come to you. You will also receive one text to read every week after the call that relates to your process or the Game itself.

It is not a miraculous healing, as Life, it takes time to develop the right beliefs, takes cycles for the Game to reveal itself to you. But as the tallest trees, they take the longest to grow and once your have accessed this truth, it will be beside you forever because developing the vision of the Game is a priceless quality that all souls can take to their future missions as well.

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